Sunday, 17 September 2017

ANGESCHISSEN - @ Hamburg/Störtebeker 21.12.1994

Here is an amazing live recording from Angeschissen, a Hamburg combo which existed from 1984 to 1988 and they were one of the influential and stylistic punk bands of the Hamburg scene in the 80s and consisted of: Jens (vocals), Christian (guitars), Daniel (bass) and Stephan (drums + vocals). Christian was guitarist of Slime from 1980 until his first dissolution, where he had played together with Stephan; he was also drummer of Torpedo Moskau. Both brought hardcore punk into the style that hit American influences like Wipers and Rites Of Spring. In addition to singer Jens, Stephan also wrote some of the lyrics. The musical style of the band can be described as powerful dirty snotty melodic punkrock which is, in my opinion, live more intense and dynamic as on plate. In 1987 they released their first EP 'Angst Macht Keinen Lärm' via Buback. A year later comes the first longplayer, Angeschissen, with twelve goodies out and it was exclusively as vinyl record released. Then the band was supported by the studio guitarist Atli Grund and a split slab with Rachut's second band Das Moor came out also in 1988, shortly after the band was carried to the grave. In 1997 the Hamburger label Schiffen released a double album with all the recordings, this time also on CDFollow-up projects by Jens were then Blumen Am Arsch Der Hölle, Dackelblut, Oma Hans and Kommando Sonne-Nmilch. So this is an excellent live document in a very good quality and I saw them a few times and I like to remember their great, impulsive and funny performances. Their only important compilation contributions are on the great Hamburg '88 album by Bitzcore.

Wolf/Rücken/Hallo Tod/Strangulieren/Treibsand/Wissen Wohin/Liebesfalle/Omega Mensch/Good Good Things/Hund/Angst Macht Keinen Lärm/Blut Im Urin/Over The Edge/6 Jahre Sind Genug/Picture This/Weltschmerz/D-7/Schwein/Kreislauf/Window Shop For Love/Es Gibt Millionen/It's Not You

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