Friday, 11 August 2017

VANDAALIT - Betonikolossit 7'' 1981

Vandaalit (Vandals) is a punk band from Hyvinkää. They have been active as musicians ever since the mid-70's, when they were known as Hard-Boiled and performed Hurriganes-type rock'n'roll in English. It all changed in 1977 when they heard Ramones' 2nd LP "Leave Home" being introduced on the radio. The boys changed into fast punk rockers, opted a new name Schlachthof Fünf (did they read Vonnegut?) and soon switched to singing in Finnish after seeing punk pioneers Eppu Normaali. Vocalist Vesa Häkli, bassist Sepi Rautiainen, guitarist Pekka "Piitsi" Huhtakallio and drummer Ari Lindroos debuted on record as one of the eighteen bands on the legendary punk compilation Hilse (1979). Apparently their song became so popular that they were allowed four songs on the sequel "Hilse 2" (1980). One of these four songs were their first-ever composition "En Ole Nainen". Making his debut on a Vandaalit recording was new guitarist Jari "Klide" Pelkonen, whom the other guys had noticed playing in a punk band called Hermones. Sepi Rautiainen headed off to Canada after the debut album was released and lived there until his death from cancer in the liver in 2004. Aki "Appa Nasaretilainen" Kuronen became the new bassist. Another assignment for Häkli was Billy Boys with Terveet Kädet man Läjä Äijälä. Two singles and a mini-LP during 1983-1986, described as experimental electronic psychobilly. Ari and Klide formed hard glam band Sticky Fingers in 1984, and made the "Fight For Fun" LP in 1984. Vandaalit decided to re-unit after seeing each other on Klide's 30th birthday. This reunion lasted for three years and produced two more albums, 'Apinoiden Platta' (1992), which the boys regard as their best, and 'Psykoakatemia' (1993). Vandaalit took great care in their street boy/labourer image, with leather jackets, and guitar straps so long that the instruments almost sweeped the floor. On their records they were far from any preachers or intellectuals, just fun-loving guys who liked playing music much more than going to school or to work.

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