Wednesday, 16 August 2017

V/A - Vancouver Independence 1980

A short trip across the Atlantic to Canada with stop in Vancouver. There pressed the label Friends Records this nice compilation with eight bands, who had their first concerts and possibly 7Inches at the start, and said: "Hey! It's time to make a record and wake wp the messed up society with new impulses, away from stupidity with fresh sounds." And the result is a varied piece of punk/ska/synth rock. I'm always amazed why such good bands with really great songs shortly afterwards disappear from the scene, also here, lack of money, different kind of interests or other personal differences, who knows. Perhaps it is well so, it makes such rare slabs interesting and in today's mp3 era accessible for everyone. So I guess you will like this stuff + enjoy the early 80s sound.

1.Behind The Smile - SUBHUMANS
2.Don't Like It At All - METROS
3.The Conquest Of Daytime - SI MONKEY
4.No Excuse - NO EXIT
5.Nuremberg '34 - DROOGS
6.Spy Vs Spy - THE B-SIDES
7.What Would You Say? - M.E.C.
8.Underground Radio Stars - THE B-SIDES
10.Nothing New - NO EXIT
11.Get Rigid - SI MONKEY
12.Out Of Line - SUBHUMANS
13.In With The Crowd - METROS
14.Midnight Cowboy - SINGING COWBOYS


  1. VEr cool! I will be posting all the Droogs I have shortly.

  2. Of the 7 bands featured here The Subhumans (BC) managed the biggest output and most of it is good circa.79 Punk. Only 3 of the others managed an additional release.