Tuesday, 22 August 2017

DIE KLOPFERBANDE - Bessere Zeiten 1982

Yeah, one more goodie now with the third album from the Klopferbande and it's a successful continuation. On this album we have eleven brilliant wave/punk songs with intrusive-serious German lyrics. And it's great as before and I will let you know what I'm talking about, of course I'm mean their first album Barbarei and the songs are much more mature, powerful and a real boost to the first album and the cover is even fantastic. So give yourself the full Klopferbande blast. In 1990 they released their 4th record and 2015 the current one. Great record, great music!


  1. any chance of posting Und Doch So Bezaubernd?

  2. Leider nicht mehr verfügbar. Geht da noch was?

    Im Voraus schonmal Danke!