Saturday, 26 August 2017

A5 - Erst Ausgabe EP 1980

The beautiful short life of the band A5 from Bremen ranged from 1980 to late 1981 and the commercial success of the Neue Deutsche Welle was immense and A5 don't five a fuck and wandered off the scene. A5 is a band which characterizes the transition from Punk to NDW very nice and presents a wonderful mix of both. In September 1980, the band consisting of Sabina May, Ego/N, Harald Hass, Wolf Schaller, Rainer Kosch and Knox, their first EP Erst Ausgabe (also known as Seesack EP) were recorded and was released by No Fun Records. In the summer of 1981 they toured with famous bands such as Hans-A-Plast, Rotzkotz and Der Moderne Man and in October 1981 they released their second and last vinyl Kalte Erotik 7'' and shortly after, in late 1981, the band broke up. So on this record are four pretty mid-tempo sterile strips.


  1. Many thanks for this one and previous four posts: Awesome, as ususal.Nice weekend, friend of mine;)

  2. For you as well and sweat not so much ;))

  3. nice record! Do you have the second single kalte erotik? Thanks, Luca

    1. Yeah, I have this:önes-Kurzes-Leben/release/1405744 if you want write to