Thursday, 6 July 2017

MOTORMUSCHI - Eden 7'' 2003

Motormuschi was founded 1997 in Hamburg and they released a couple of 7Inches and a 10Inch. The band, which is also composed of the ashes of several old punkbands presents here a killer release which should appeal to everybody who enjoys the typical, slightly melancholy hamburg punk rock style which as practiced by many other HH-bands. And I like them a fuckin' lot! Brillliant Ass-Kickin' Punkrock with fat guitars, live they were a revelation, YES!! Who knew Motormuschi before will appreciate this last 7'' as well. Limited to 300 pieces so use the chance to get it quick. The band unfortunately broke up in 2007. Also necessary a CD compilation called Single-Haushalt with all their recordings. Great Stuff!

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  1. wow! coole Abschluss Single, kannte ich noch gar nicht. Live waren die auch sehr gut!