Monday, 10 July 2017

CHARGE - Destroy The Youth EP 1982

Charge released their second EP in 1982, none of the tracks appeared on an album. Some info from the unfortunately no longer active UK82 site: From the 'Punks Not Dead' magazine: "Not strictly a 'young band' having been knocking around since the heady summer of '77 this North London band now finally seemed poised to make some impact in their home country after years of relative success sur le continent. Their latest EP majoring on 'Kings Cross' (1981 on Test Pressings Records) features some fine shambolic punk noise that's messy and untutored but boisterously catchy and lotsa fun. And it looks like they'll be doing a lot of gigs with Anti-Pasti soon come too so you can see 'em for yourselves. Hecklers should be advised that amongst their European fans is a selection of Cosa Nostra members. Tatty blond guitarist Stu explained: "We were playing all these theatres in Italy that were owned by the Mafia. The audience were full of thugs, real villains. After one gig we were being driven around in a fleet of bullet proof limos... it was an amazing experience..." This record is pure killer punk with little goth tendencies which later dominated their sound. The band quits in 1983. They also featured on Killed By Death #33 compilation.

- Huge Thx to Reinhard -


  1. Thanks to you and Reinhard for this oddity-Nice weekend:)

  2. Of course, after I had accumulated all but their first 2 7" on vinyl then this came out and made it kind of pointless to do my own 'complete' comp LoL -