Saturday, 10 June 2017

V/A - Raised On Punk Vol.1 1997

Puhhh, back home and safely arrived I have found decent for me and am satisfied with my booty. The sun still shines and I treat myself to a shower and then to the Berger Straßenfest, there is much to eat, international forage, always traditional much beer and even more fun. And yet another delicious compilation with early rare punk pies from Europe and so you wait for Volume 2 so it's up to you to conjure this by yourself. Quickly a Jever, a cigarette, small drugs and that was it for today. Live and don't listen to what the lollys tell you, stay strong and believe in yourself - Amen!

1.Kill The Pigs - THE BUTTOCKS
2.Bereslecht - PANIC
3.Tommies Gang - RAZORS
4.La Fille De Ma Concierge - CONTIGENT
5.P'tit Coeur Noir - MOKO
7.Tonight She's By My Side - SHITH
8.Koningin - DE STRAKS
9.Mir Reicht's - CONDOM
10.Rock Ist Rock - DISCOLOKOSST
11.Paris S'ennuie - JUSTIFIÉ X
12.Rape Her - PINCHERS
13.Jacotte Masturbette - YODLER KILLERS
14.This Reality - SUSPECTS
15.We Are Normal - THE REDUCERS
16.Vrije Wereld - DE STRAKS
17.Loony - SLIME


  1. Great record! I always loved that Panic song.

  2. Thanks you, friend of mine. have a nice weekend (by the way the sun is shining still here...the fucking problem is that it will shine burning our skins for three long months...or you will able to understand that I'm "Till the balls" of this bloody sun...haha...wll I hate summer, I wish I was "downunderground" during these fuckin' season...maybe an exchange haha...well I'll be undercover a bloody vampire ;)

  3. Haha, we can gladly exchange. I love hot summer and can not get enough of it, only the sea is missing here and today are 30 degrees again. I'm a bit exhausted by yesterday + I start this Sunday slowly.... hope, you don't melting away... have a fresh beer, Salute!