Sunday, 25 June 2017

V/A - Death Pays All Debts [Tape] 1988

One last post today and first it's not my rip but I've improved the quality a bit and delete the quite passages between the songs, now it's a 1A thing. But the reason for me to present it here again is easy: I love New Zealand stuff and this tape is full with great Bands/Songs. For example Boner, their music is so great and they never made a record, a real shame in my opinion, Armatrak is just as fantastic and they made a few 7Inches and have a song on the extra album of Life Is A Joke #2 by Weird System. Compos Mentis and Casualty made also some 7Inches and the rest only on tape. I recommend a visit to Stig's Mad Blast Of Chaos blog and grab the two Rising From Ashes tapes. Oha, it goes dark outside, cloudburst? Have a pleasant Sunday with this tape from Battery Hen Cassettes and I hope anyone sends finally the NZ stuff from the Wanted List.

1.Closet - BONER
3.No Wars - WORLD WAR 3
4.Pox Ridden - CASUALTY
5.Of Sound Mind - COMPOS MENTIS
6.Radio - BONER
7.Concret Incased Life - STENCH OF THE WOUNDED
8.Money Farm - ARMATRAK
9.I'll Never Change - CASUALTY
10.N.Z. Is A Joke - WORLD WAR 3
11.No One Cares - WORLD WAR 3
12.No Escape - ARMATRAK
13.Blind Ambition - CASUALTY
14.Dirty Old Len - BONER
15.Join The Civies - STENCH OF THE WOUNDED
16.Song For -10 - COMPOS MENTIS
17.Fascist Fashion - ARMATRAK
18.Babies - BONER

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