Monday, 12 June 2017


Eindhoven formation begins in 1976 as rhythm & blues band, closely related to the British pubrock. In 1977 the group switching to punk. The Flyin' Spiderz is the first Dutch punk band that appears on plate. In the early days the band is affiliated with the Dynamite label and booking agency of the European independent pioneer Pieter Meulenbroek (Sky Dog). The single 'Down', with a cover design by Joost Swarte, is never released. The group plays in 1977 as opening for The Damned in Paradiso. Sky Dog goes over the head and the band gets offered a contract with EMI. The debut album contains aggressive rock & roll, which is more like the music of pre-punk band as Count Bishops than that of the Pistols or The Damned. The Spiderz touring extensively throughout the country and arouse their energetic show and punk image especially in rural bewildered and sometimes aggressive responses. 

1978 the second album 'Let It Crawl' came out and goes more into rock. From the moment bassist Van Vugt is replaced by Jan Snep, remains messing around this time equivalent. One year later a third album called 'Birthday' was planned but was not released because EMI terminates the contract. Roadie Bart Brouwer joins as a keyboard player in the band, which moves the band into a more melodic. The band recently called in to The Spiderz and brings the 'Pressure' album out on WEA.

The fourth record 'Lines Of Lust' goes towards new wave. The group is expanding its field successfully to France, including appearances on TV, in Gribus Club in Paris and at the Festival of Montreux (July 13th). In England, the group in the schedule during the British tour of Iggy Pop. The British bassist Walter Langdon replaces John Snep. A new mix of I'm Yours Tonight appears on single with a guest role on keys Manfred Man.

After releasing the 7inch 'The Test' in 1981 the band broke up.

So this debut album was released in 1977 and is the first Punk LP by a Dutch Band and it's pretty fantastic. It's apparent in the music that this was a pub rock band that adapted quickly to the new punk sound spreading it's filth across Europe. "These four erratic Dutchmen, led by rhythm guitarist/singer/songwriter Guus Boers, put forth solid, Stonesy punk just a hair better than a hundred others of like mind, threatening to turn derivation to their advantage but never quite succeeding. Neither album shows more than fleeting signs of excitement, and neither has better than perfunctory production." Check more Spiderz on the Killed By Death #F.U.2 and Killed By Epitaph or other essential compilations.