Sunday, 25 June 2017

RAW POWER - Wop Hour EP 1985

Let's start this cloudy Sunday with one of the bands that immediately impressed me: Raw Power from Poviglio/Reggio Emilia. Formed 1981 by brothers Mauro (vocals) and Giuseppe Codeluppi (guitar). With Davide (guitar), Maurizio (bass) and Fabiano (drums) they recorded 1983 their first tape and this excited attention and they were represented on some famous compilations. In 1984 the debut 'You Are The Victim' was released via Meccano Records and is in my opinion one of the best Hardcore records everSo they were finally established world-wide, especially in the States they toured with renowned bands and also in Europe they were valued. Several line up changes, a further series of compilations and lots of albums come out. On 6. October 2002 Guiseppe died unexpectedly and Raw Power at first stopped playing and then decided to continue (another member Luca Carpi died two years later, aged only 34). Raw Power are always a great pleasure for me, especially live and listen here for more stuff and be thankful to the longest-running band in history of Italian hardcore punk. This EP is the re-release with five tracks on Westworld. Fuck Authority, Grazie!

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