Friday, 5 May 2017

WC³ - Captain' Valium 7'' 1981

Superb French record by this combo from Saint-Quentin and this their debut 7Inch on CBS. The A-side is a decent mid-tempo track while the flip is for my taste far from it. Pretty biep biep sound and you find more info via this orange letters WC³. The band trapped and it was impossible to leave CBS to be driven by another label that would invest more in promotion. The band recorded distressfully three albums and Janine, keyboardist and guitarist, committed suicide.- Present on the Frenchy But Rock compilation from 1992.


  1. For some obvious reasons , the a side was banned from the radios but was a big hit in the parties.

  2. Original name of the band was '' A 3 dans les WC''...