Wednesday, 3 May 2017

V/A - Killed By 7Inch #10 EP 2000

With this EP, the small edition Killed By 7Inch is complete and all other volumes are here. Number 10 was not easy to find but who seeks finds, isn't it? Four rare goodies of course and the Invaders one is the best on this record, they released one 7'' and this is the a-side and a solid mid-tempo tune, the flip is a waste of time, Amsterdamned's hardcore tune were taken from the compilation Als Je Haar Maar Goed Zit #2 from 1983, excellent stuff. Florida based band F starts the b-side with a fast track from their 'You Are An EP' single on Intendo Distorto Records from 1984 and last but not least the False Prophets with the title gem of their second slab Good Clean Fun from 1982. I'm sure, your breakfast will taste better with this sound. I will take a shower and come back soon.

1.Launderama - THE INVADERS
2.Melting Pot - AMSTERDAMNED
3.In Control - F
4.Good Clean Fun! - FALSE PROPHETS


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