Sunday, 21 May 2017

NOVA EXPRESS - Jerk En Chine 7'' 1982

Just as little information about Nova Express, a five piece from France, which bless us with two New Wave nuggets on their self-produced record. The title track is rather a cozy pop song while the flip is clearly the winner, mystic melancholic driving tempo under a gloomy hood, precisely the character of the drama Phantom Of The Opera. In 1986 they were still represented with two morepieces on a compilation and then disappear in the far distance of nothingness. I'm going to disappear shortly and recommend myself.


  1. God knows I love your blog , and more than grateful for all the goodies you are posting , but I feel you need some rest and staying away internet
    Take care of you

    1. dont't worry my friend, I feel good but your right, I take my break soon. Thx for Your compassion!