Monday, 8 May 2017

MOPOT - s/t EP 1980

Mopot (Mopeds) is a PunkPop Band founded 1978 in Suolahti. Large source of inspiration for them were The Ramones and The Boys (ramo punk later became quite popular in Finland). This is their debut 7Inch on Suklaa Levyt and a little classic and brings four Punk pearls and was released in an edition of 400 copies, re-released 1984 via Kråklund Records. Click Mopot for more info. In 1981 they released a second record 'Rakastan Sua ' on Johanna and also on some compilations. If you like some finnish 1-2-3-4 punkrock this is a good choice.


  1. Thank you very much for this Finnish rarity.Have a nice week :)

  2. Wow, my dad has been looking for this band for ages now. Thank you so so much

    1. I'm very pleased Eva, maybe you discover more.