Thursday, 13 April 2017

VONBRIGÐI - Ó, Reykjavík 2010

This is a solid release from Mauerstadtmusik with seven punkies from Vonbrigði, an Iceland band which was formed in 1980. Their first 7Inch on Gramm is a brilliant goodie with four songs and you can listen to that via KBD Records. A year later the full length Kakófónía was released and the sound goes more into wave with a dark touch and 1985 the band broke up. In 2004 they come back with guitarist Hallur Ingólfsson and since then they are still active. This mini album shows the bands rough side and hits harder than their album tracks.


  1. Thank you for this Iceland's rarity .Have a nice rest of week ;)

  2. Finally!!!..Thanx so much...have this on vinyl but have been looking for digital for a long we can rock this in the kitchen at work!!

  3. to both, ENJOY the record and the weekend!!!