Saturday, 1 April 2017

THIS SPORTING LIFE - Show Me To The Bellrope 1982

April: more sun, trees become green, skirts are shorter, life awakens. Let's see that these thirty days will be attractive here in this theater. Auckland in the early 80s, out of the ashes of Alms For Children This Sporting Life were formed by Gary (vocals), Paul (guitars), Ben (bass) and Daron (drums) and after a line-up change the band released their debut album on Flying Nun Records and it's to me surprisingly fresh and cheerful and if this had not been requested I probably would not enjoy this great band. Sure I'm not the post-punk type but there are a few babies that inspire me. Quite powerful low-fi Geschrammel who let me wriggle and wild dancing in my room like a madman (hello neighbors!), puhhhh... heart attack is near.... In 1983 a second record was released in form of a 12'' called 'In Limbo' and I would pleased for an email. In the same year the group dissolve.

- Great Thx to Gen -


  1. Thanks for this! I've been looking for this LP for ages.

    Here's a file with some other This Sporting Life stuff (2/3 of Alms for Children EP, 3/4 of In Limbo EP and a couple of compilation tracks). Enjoy!!2VlASTbJ!6pt_2LjhMpsCR6QkCPa-I0CQB2B3LTnm2DEmwmNblUE

  2. Glad I checked back at the comments, thanks for the extra tracks! Should hold me over until the reissue gets done :)
    Cheers, Mark