Thursday, 20 April 2017

SCALLY - Que Fue De Los Dos EP 2001

Puuhh, I guess I caught a cold again, no wonder at the frosty temperatures, Fuck! and I'm slowly getting old, ARGHHH. Where are my defense bacilli? - All right, somewhere in the swiss mountains, where otherwise well sonicate only alphorns the lush alpine meadows, Scally have recorded their second EP and it comes with classic old-school hardcore, angry, rough, dirty and bang on your cap. A damn fat piece and the special thing are the spanish lyrics (!) and the expensive D.I.Y. artwork. A total of seven songs, including a live track and very interesting and worth every minute of listening.

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  1. Thank you for this newone, Dear friend...haha...I'm getting old too,Bloody hell....hehe...well have a nice rest of week and Get better soon.