Friday, 7 April 2017

PROTEX - Strange Obsessions 1980/2010

An unreleased album recorded for Polydor around 1980, finally released in 2010 by Sing Sing Records. Protex was a band from Belfast and formed 1977 after a Clash gig by Paul Maxwell (bass/vocals), Owen McFadden (drums), David McMaster (guitar/vocals) and Aidan Murtagh (guitar/vocals) and they released four nice 7Inches and are on numerous compilation (click me). The band was greatly influenced by The Clash and took their original name, Protex Blue, from an album track on The Clash's eponymous debut album. The band did not realise the Clash song was about condoms. They toured much. opened for the Boomtown Rats on their UK tour and on further tours in America and Canada in 1980. Protex's final release for Polydor was the single A Place In Your Heart, after which they were dropped by the label. The band did farewell shows at the Pound Club in Belfast before splitting in 1981. In 2010 New York label Sing Sing Records unearthed unreleased Polydor recordings for an album that never happened and released them on vinyl as Strange Obsessions. This prompted renewed interest in the band. Original members Aidan Murtagh and David McMaster reformed the band with new members Norman Boyd on bass and Gordie Walker on drums and they're still alive.

- Great Thx to Reinhard -


  1. Way cool, thanks! I'll be posting a shitload of Boomtown Rats next week at DU!

  2. just to clarify... there were no farewell gigs at the Pound....the band split on Aug 1981..... sad day.... rainy night in London