Tuesday, 18 April 2017

NO BOIS - ...Don't Ask! EP 1994

Again rare german stuff from the Cologne label Corrosive Productions comes this EP by this sympathetic five piece band from Cologne I think. No idea if they made more but I think that's all what these boys ever recorded. Unfortunately I can't say much about the band because no information or lyrics exist. They found together on ads or on beer parties, grabbed broken insrumentes, scrape together money and spit out this six fast songs and then immortalized them on vinyl, in the hope then to have a secure pension, haha... - A rarity is this EP well today and I can't imagine that there exists more then 1000 copies. So my pension is secure. Musically No Bois comin' dirty, crashin' and with good short catchy punkies, all sung in English and they provide for miles all the great old punk bands from the UK or USA in the shade. And the singer is convincing with his crushed voice. Don't ask, just trust me: these guys blowing the dust out of your fuckin' deaf ears and that's exactly why such blogs like this (and others) are alive.. to bring you music you have never heard.

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