Monday, 17 April 2017

KLICHÉ - Okay Okay Boys 1982

Kliché was a Danish new wave band (1977-1985), influenced by Kraftwerk, Punk, Devo and David Bowie. They had, however, a distinct sound mainly due to lead singer Lars Hug's original voice. They would semi-ironically quote Mao Zedong and Buddha and perform in uniforms - often coloured overalls. Lead singer, Lars Hug (later Lars H.U.G.), began his  solo career in 1984 and has released several albums. After Hug left the band, the remaining members released a single album titled Dobbelt Plus under the name Voss Torp Brill. Another member, Nils Torp, later formed the band Souvenirs together with Sofie Bonde. "Okay Okay Boys" is the second and last album from Kliché, released on Medley Records in 1982. Besides the band's usual crew Hilmer Hassig helps as additional guitarist. He was later a member of the Love Shop. The album continues the style from their brilliant debut album Supertanker with futuristic and socially critical lyrics. The song "Bravo Charlie" was released as a single and is a kind of nonsense show where all the words derived from the NATO phonetic alphabet (with the small exception that "Juliet" has become "Julia"). - Nice Powerpop/Wave/Punk!!!

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  1. There's no better way to start week up...I'm sure this band I'll love it...(it's my preferred kind of music...oh, no it's Devo haha...or karftwerk too...)Thank you very much and happy week "post-Easter" :)