Tuesday, 4 April 2017

AKUTT-80 - s/t EP 1980

First the Babbelstub is temporarily defunct and until I have a new one please use the comment section for requests or other questions. Now a rare nugget from my old Wanted-List is this record, as rare as the Niveau Null EP. Only eighty copies were pressed, self released and that's all info I have about this obscure Norwegian punk band. I think, all four songs are presumed recorded directly at their rehearsals to tape, at least they sound like this and I like that very well. Gruff, crude, dirty and pretty bumpy noises are fabricated by this four piece combo and this is why I'm love Punkrock! I look in the mirror and feelin' right and so this is the sound in my veins, you know... Amazing the pretty ballad 'Alta' which has a reggae/jazz touch (I think it's extraordinary) and with 'Prostituert' a superb melodic KBD firecracker finally. They featured on these two unknown compilations Bloodstains Across Norway and Hurra For Norge Vol.3 (both coming soon). Now That's all for now folks, maybe I'll come back tomorrow. Now continue with football, hope the SGE shoots the 1:1.

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