Friday, 3 March 2017

V/A - Chaos In Catalonia #1 2014

An absolutely fantastic quality is this compilation from Common People Records with fifteen streetpunk nuggets and will be not sung in Spanish this could be a British record, of course the latest material. I am always hard with new things because I'm an old sack and somehow it all sounds the same for me but I like the Spanish stuff and this record proves this clearly and you can read a review on the american-oi site which I can only agree. Barcelona Óle and waiting for Volume 2 is worthwhile in any case. 

1.Those Who Make A Difference - SECRET ARMY
2.El Potro Se Desboca - VON DÄNIKENS
3.Som Catalans - ACERO CONDAL
4.By The Sea - THE GUNDOWN
5.Perquè Som Joves - CRIM
6.TV Personality - THE BITE
7.It's True - PENNY COCKS
8.Caso Perdido - VON DÄNIKENS
9.Last Days - SECRET ARMY
10.Concrete Jungle - THE BITE
11.It's My Life - PENNY COCKS
12.Dead Plans - THE GUNDOWN
13.Pare Nostre - CRIM
14.The Great Neohippie Swindle - VON DÄNIKENS
15.13 Rotten Crew - ACERO CONDAL


  1. Olé...Brilliant (as usual)Thanks a lot for this stuff from my country (Political parties in fact are still a chaos at present jeje...9 Nicw weekend, my friend.