Friday, 3 February 2017

PÖBEL MÖBEL - Let Sleepin' Dogs Lie 12'' 1987

We stay in Scandinavia and meet Pöbel Möbel from Jönköping and I'm not sure but I post their first record, a split with Anti-Hund Mina on Pissed Records, on my old Blog (Egal, move over to MusicNotNoize for a listen) but this mini-album is totally new to me. This is their last one, released via Blueberry Records and they give us seven powerful, not really spectacular, melodic numbers which makes the sun shine but that's it. Sometimes I wonder about the offers of some sellers for a record and I think to myself, have they a roof damage? Well, it's at each itself how much cash give for a platte its worth but I find it partly puke...shit, I digress... well, this 12'' is not hard stuff rockin' but new in Blogland and I'm content with these seven songs. And tomorrow I want to see that I fulfill some requests, unfortunately I forgot many, use the Babbelstub left, Cheers!

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

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