Friday, 24 February 2017

ISM - Attack 7'' 1980

From the Wanted-List now a rare record by ISM, punk from Bayside/Queens, N.Y.C. and this is their first release S.I.N. Records. ISM was originally a concept by manager & producer Bob Sallese and lead singer Jism. Larry Ray (now deceased) was the official drummer but Greg D'Amgelo and Dave Miranda appeared on some records and play at some live gigs. They released two albums and the debut album 'A Diet For The Worms' is nowadays fuckin' rare and I never seen a copie elsewhere. Two goodies on this, chunky sound with nice keys. The title track of their second 7Inch was used for Killed By Death #4. So far so good, enjoy!

- Big Thx to François -

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