Wednesday, 8 February 2017

DER RIß - They All Do....IMAGE 1985

The only cuts of this German band from the Ruhr area which appeared at Wishbone Records in beautiful white vinyl and the album was recorded and mixed on Feb/March '85 at Studiowahn, Bochum. On it eight great ass-kickin' punk trashers with an incredible amount of power. As far as I know some members are very active in the German thrash metal scene, Living Death or Mekong Delta are one of it, may you should know these bands and I remember, I had two records but I sold it. Unfortunately Der Riß was a unique side project and the only mini-album they released. Well, all songs are short (total playing time less than fifteen minutes), what I appreciate and they will turn your ears and limbs to jelly if you let them. No Question, a duty download and Aloha from Hell!

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