Friday, 10 February 2017

DELTA KOPINSKI - Skandal EP 1997

Let's get weird and weird and confused are exact my feelings now but I don't want you tell more because it's nothing new and it would be fuckin' boring I think. Anyway, let's join this band, another side-project of EA80 frontman Junge called Delta Kopinski. Fat bass, driving organ, no guitars, sung by a minor girl, sometimes chaotic & doomy, pure punk rock. This record was strictly limited (300 copies) and released via Junges label Musikzimmer & it got me a lot of toil and sweat to snatch a copy. Highly recommended! A real unicum and for real hardcore junkies like me :)


  1. danke für den Rip! warum haste nicht mich gefragt? hättest meine haben können :-)
    ich schicke dir bald die Liste rüber! ;-)

    1. das war 1997. da kannte ich dich nicht..

    2. also ich habe meine damals ohne viel Schweiß und Mühe bekommen :-)