Friday, 6 January 2017

THE TYPHOONS - Telstar 7'' 1981

Surprise, Surprise, an unexpected mail came in yesterday and it's a damn rare goodie from the Wanted-List and it's the only record by the Typhoons on Bohemian Records. This is one more side-project by the Ruts from London and we all know Babylon's Burning and the Ruts were formed on 18 August 1977. The band consisted of singer Malcolm Owen, guitarist Paul Fox, bass player John "Segs" Jennings and drummer Dave Ruffy. Here move the gentlemen on Rock'n'Roll paths and recorded two excellent numbers, certainly known among you, at least the a-side. Enjoy!

- Great Thx to trgec -

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  1. Wow! What a find! Love the Ruts. Discogs says the drummer is Chuck Wagon from the Dickies?

    Big thanks WDM and trgec!