Tuesday, 31 January 2017


Last post January and we join the States while we have fun with the new president. Is this real? Holy Shit, how long will it be until this era ends? Let us come to what is more pleasant: The Defoliants were a Chicago punk band from 1984 to 1990. They played a bunch of shows for that time, typically opening up for larger Chicago bands such as Naked Raygun. Formed in 1984 by Mather high school chums Rob Warmowski (bass & vocals) and Jeff “BBQ” Cohn (drums), adding Chuck Uchida on guitar soon after. The band were influenced by hardcore punk, surf/garage music and pop culture. They were known for a strong live show and a nerdy sense of humor, belting out a speedy hybrid of alien punk-pop mated with surfy instrumentals. This is the cool debut EP and within are two Agent Orange style surf punk instr., one good & fast, the other one slower. Next is a long, slow rock song (the only song on this record with vocals); the best song is Mass in a nice Minnesota/Hüskers/Replacements style. Their self-described finest moment was opening up for Fugazi at Dreamerz. Their music incorporated heavily from surf music, making their sound more unique than most of their contemporaries. The band released one cassette, one EP (this one on Pravda), one full length (“Grrr” via Angry Fish 1989) in five years together, making possibly forty songs.


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