Saturday, 7 January 2017

LUZIBÄR! - Geistig 7 EP 1982

A rare lost nugget of German punk culture and the only one from Luzibär!, founded in summer 1981 by former members of the Düsseldorf punk band "VD" in Mettmann/Rhineland. After first small gigs they released their record Geistig 7 one year later. The EP was banned because some assholes were disturbed about the lyrics. Luzibär offers in the song "Wixverbot" a Mettmanner city known village idiot, who thought he was a mod. He complained and got right, what a joke, pretty curious and for this reason so it was hard to get a copy. But Luzibär didn't gave up and toured busy. Mid '82 they got from Rough Trade Germany the offer to make an album, called 'Und Der Rest War Schweigen' (famous Hamlet quote). Unfortunately, the album was never recorded. Another four track EP called 'Wachsfiguren' was recorded but also not see the light of the world. Followed by band internal torments, although there were still many appearances, but in the summer of 1983, just two years after the founding Luzibär dissolved. And since then ruled until many years later really silence. Joost Renders and Jasper Michahelles founded with other musicians the band "Chim Chim Cheree", which later renamed in "Panic In Slumberland" but without Jasper Michahelles, he founded meantime the band "Scarlet Masque". Jan Peter Schäfermeyer stop making music and Eric Hackenberg pulled it a few years later to Hamburg, where he is musically very active and later as guitarist of "Jam Today" and "Thee Richmen". In 2002 the Berlin label RottenTotten Records released a 10'' with both 7inches and some live material in an edition of 100 copies, if anyone has this record please send me mp3s. Shortly after the release of this record drummer Jasper Michahelles died in May 2002, who also designed the cover for this compilation, at the age of 39 years on the effects of a stroke. Compilation featuring the band: H'Artcore (1981) and 8–EP Sampler (1982). Good stuff for a coldy Saturday.

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