Friday, 27 January 2017

BATES MEN - Für Immer 7'' + THE BATES - I See Love In Your Eyes 7'' 1985

Well, a pleasant evening is coming to an end and I'm not tired so I'm here now. Let's post this rare band and they formed 1985 in the Wiener Neustadt as Bates Men by ex-Dämmerattacke members Thomas Guth (vox & organ) and Wolfgang Leinweber (drums) who recruited Hannes Eder (bass), Dieter Nemetz (guitar) and Joe Stickler (synth). The bands debut self-released 7" Für Immer/Das Schweigen before changing their name into The Bates and both songs are classic theatrical post-punk, pretty dark and the key sound accompanied the cold atmosphere which lasts nearly ten minutes. I like the Dämmerattacke album with its subtle hint of Gothic and the desperate vocals and every time I listen to I know: everything is perishable! Uhh, that means not I hang around at cemeteries, ha ha.... No, their songs have their own authentic and unique character, which, in addition to the ability to write really cool numbers was mainly due to the highly unique and far from the pop cliche vocals, the two men behind the microphone Walter Leinweber and Michael Andersch. So the songs are still functioning admirably and there are a few bands that simply have it, but I digress...... as always, hehe...

As the Bates they released their 2nd 7" I See Love In Your Eyes/You're Better Than Me, finally released on new label Cactus Records which had been founded by friends. Musically they changed their style and move to an Alternative sound and in my opinion they lose a bit of class. The songs not bad but they are nothing special. But it's a matter of taste, right? After another 12" on RST Records, featuring a Goth Rock cover version of The Glitter Band's "Angel Face" they had to change their band name into Bates Unlimited due to a legal controversy with the German band The Bates. In 1994 the band split, Nemetz and Bechtloff forming Seven Ages. So overalI I can say both records are pretty ok and worth the download because they fuckin' rare (check eBay for silly offers). And I would note that they are not present on the cool Austrian compilations Es Chaos Is Die Botschaft and 'De Guade Oide Zeit' which is a shame but there are certainly reasons. Enough words, enjoy the music!!

- Extra Special Thx to Reinhard -


  1. Many thanks for this one rarity and if you aren't still tired , enjoy the night ..and all the weekend too.;)

  2. R.I.P. Thomas - you passed on way too early!!