Sunday, 4 December 2016

INSTIGATORS - Shockgun 1988

Hell Yeah, another saugute record I love to hear is the third album of the Instigators and I have the German one which was released via Weird System (unfortunately without insert) and they say with a better cover, absolutely true and has a bonus song opposite the original on Positive RecordsTwelve melodic guitar-heavy punkrock pearls as they can only be played by this band. A pleasure this music and that's why I'm a damn fuckin' punkrocker! How can you sit still and accept all the radio shit? The mendacious business of artificially diced arbots, which is all about money, the fake music industry who tell you what to hear, all these hypocritical bastards... the society needs people like us because we show them how stupid they are and we are many (no idea why I leave now this small puke but it just pisses me on). Well, anyway... I recommend you to get their first album Nobody Listens Anymore and find other compilation tracks by using the search function at the top left.


  1. Hey, thanks a lot ...brilliant (as usual)...By the way I guess that your expression "it just pisses me on", could be in Spanish something like "Me la suda" (la polla) haha, so I add to my filthy English vocabulary next to that legendary "It hurts my balls" (LOL) Hve a nice week :)