Saturday, 10 December 2016

DESTROY - Sanoja 7'' 1980

This fuckin' two-sided killer is an absolute must have and if you own a copy then keep it firmly because it is as good as a felicitous relationship. A private release and 200 copies exist. Destroy were Mikko (vocals + guitar), Jukka (guitar), Aki (bass) and Timo (drums) and they are probably from Helsinki because the two songs were recorded there and they master their instruments. The a-side is a brilliant mid-tempo punky one with a slice of rockin' touch, a superb hammer (one of the best guitar solos I've ever heard) and the flip is also great, starts slowly and melanchoic and ends up in a rough fast tempo, oh bloody hell, this is pure awesome music and that's why I love my life. If you've heard something like that you can't be anything else. Sanoja is rightly chosen for the Bloodstains Across The World #2 compilation with other splendid lost of my best posts here. Enjoy the record, the weekend and let's have a drink!



  1. Da bin cih mal drauf gespannt! Seid recht herzlich bedankt!

    1. haha.... es wird Ihnen gefallen!

  2. great record, thanks a lot!

  3. great, do you have bust outs - I'm too shy single?

  4. normalerweise sind die skandinavier speziell die finnen nicht so mein ding. das hier ist auf jedenfall mal ein kleines juwel unter dem finnischen krawallmüll den man sonst zu hören bekommt.