Wednesday, 14 December 2016

COMMANDO 9MM - Odio En Sudamérica 7'' 1985

This is my Spanish favourite band: Commando 9mm,founded in 1983 by Jose L. Rodríguez (guitar), El Mosca (drums), and Manolo Quevedo (bass+vocals) and this is their debut 7Inch on Ayuntamiento De Madrid with two goodies. Very fat stuff and simply extreme good. They made three albums and all are fantastic, I posted two on my former blog and one day here again. I'm too lazy to write more, I think I've said it all. A must have!

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  1. Indeed a "Must have to" as you've said , my friend (I think I truly downloaded Commando 9's stuff in your old former blog...So , many thanks for this new one reupload.Have a nice weekend :)