Monday, 28 November 2016

SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE - Waiting For World War III 1981

A fine Monday post with this megarare mini LP from the Wanted-List: This awesome record was the debut from the Berlin punk-goth-band Soldiers Of Fortune and was released via Miezi Platten in 1981 and is nowadays very hard to find. Three Englishmen, who have chosen Berlin for their adopted home and they recorded eight wonderful songs that have not much to do with Pogo but they all have still power and charisma. Varied styles of music (I'm exaggerating a little), a small touch of ska, and the band plays with lots of joy and I can hear this album again and again. A Goth-Punk-rock album of the first hour - Feel free to visit Wolf's Blog to download the second release, the Stars 7'' from 1982 which came out by the english label Total Darkness Productions, also a blast! So, once again, enough said, time to listen to that great stuff!

- Extra Special Thx to KHS -


  1. Thank you very much WM: Have a nice week :)

  2. there from England and they squatted in berlin

  3. Ingmar and Roger Timmons and drummer Trevor Smith.