Friday, 18 November 2016

NOTDURFT - s/t LP 1982

Juhu, endlich Wochenende und ich bin kurz angebunden da ich gleich nach Heidelberg düse. Doch zuerst ein Bier und geile Mucke, zur Zeit läuft gerade das zweite Messer album ... Der Hammer!!! - Let's go: Notdurft is a punkrock legend from Bielefeld/Germany. They recorded this classic album in 1982 and was released on the legendary Berliner AGR label. The songs goes a little bit soft & poppy (hard speedy numders also there, don't worry) and is nowadays a very fine record. So here is enough rough energy that made them the most legendary punkrockers in this town. Also essential the three goodies from the brilliant Soundtracks Zum Untergang 2 compilation.


  1. Pretty cover there!...By the way Does the "sportsman" ready to do "Two exercises" at the same time ? LOL:D
    Have a nice weekend, mate and Let's go to hear this Vinyl....Thanks

    1. I'm sure, I'll manage that too... sunny weekend!