Wednesday, 30 November 2016

DOG DETACHMENT - Fathoms Of Fire 1985

One more this evening and the last post for November, the fuckin' month of the year, gray, dark, wet and cold. This is the second album by Dog Detachment from Johannesburg which appeared on their own label Rampant Records and its a wonderful new wave poppy goodie. Somehow I'm listen to a lot such calm sound at the moment and I know why. What can I say? Not much. As well it's late and I need my bed, was a hard working day and I'm tired. If you need this kind of music now, don't hesitate. Oh, and you must check their 7Inch Machines from 1982, the punky one.

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  1. Four new treasures in a day, so let me wish you (4 times) have a great nice fine lovely weekend;)