Monday, 7 November 2016

CHAOS Z - 45 Jahre Ohne Bewährung 1995

When this new album of my favorite band from Stuttgart Chaos Z was announced that time, I was absolutely excited. Ohne Gnade, the hardcore masterpiece from 1982 on Rock-o-Rama (the best record of this label) was an eternity ago and everyone knows that the band is now called Fliehende Stürme. 45 Jahre is complete written & recorded by Andreas Löhr, brother Thomas unfortunately died during this time, and has the fresh energy of which other bands of the 90s can only dream about. Critical statements packed in thirteen hits. As far as I can remember, the CD was released first because otherwise I would have the vinyl, 100%ig. As a small bonus, I added the two goodies from the Punkinvasion II compilation in this file. Now I have to open a beer... Salute!



  1. Oh, hell yeah, drinking my birthday whiskey and looking for good music, here i find it...wie immer. cheers der Ex Mitbewohner mit Doppel L

    1. Cheers + greetinx von Doppel M