Saturday, 5 November 2016

BAD RELIGION - Even Worse EP 1991

A band that me highly impressed in their early days are the 1979 in Los Angeles founded Bad Religion and their first three albums (without Into The Unknown) are quite milestones in the U.S. Punk rock history. I think, i must not much report to the band, you can read a lot of them anywhere in the network. This small soundboard bootleg here was recorded live somewhere in germany in 1988 and the quality of the eight songs are consistently brilliant. It is a pity with just under twelve minutes the whole is much too short. But here is clearly heard how diaphoretic was a Bad Religion concert in these days. After the release of Album #4 'No Control' I lost my interest in the band because they become too big and had still less to do with snotty punk underground, you know.

Frogger/Along The Way/Do What You Want/You Are The Government/Yesterday/Suffer/Politics/World War III

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