Monday, 10 October 2016

THE CYBERMEN - You're To Blame 7'' 1979

"This British punk band released two 7" records on their own Accrington-based Rockaway label: The Cybermen EP (1978, aka Cybernetic Surgery) and the You're to Blame 7''. Their songs boast intelligent lyrics, well-performed vocal harmonies and catchy riffs, but little is known about the group besides the line-up: Ian P Dixon (Bass/Vocal), Paul Milek (Drums) & Roger Entwistle (Guitar/Vocal). Because of their name, some record dealers will attempt to charge ludicrous amounts of money for these records, but they're worth hearing should you find someone selling them at an honest price! The You're To Blame single came with a "Free Info Pack", a sheet of typed and signed A4 paper that revealed that the band had been quiet since their first release (which apparently John Peel had "loved... needless to say") owing to the "unfortunate 'borrowing" of most of their equipment!"


  1. I married one of the cybermen :-)

  2. Roger & Ian recorded another single circa 1985/6 called Warriors of the Rainbow (me on drums) - Unfortunately I don't think it ever saw the light of day - Sadly I accidentally recorded over/lost my tape of the session (doh!) but have found a tape of the original rehearsals in a sawing machine workshop at Church traffic lights (now a roundabout) next to the canal - It could have been a hit lol!