Monday, 31 October 2016

N.O.T.A. - Toy Soldiers EP 1984

N.O.T.A. (None Of The Above) was a fantastic hardcore band in the early '80s that has changed its line-up over the years. The band has disbanded in 1987 already, but has reformed in 1993 and finally broke up in 2000. This EP is their second one, released on Rabid Cat Records and is one of the most posted record in blogland I think. Yesterday I have listen after a long time to this record and it blows me once again. This is pure Killer stuff!! They mix the power of hardcore with the tunefulness of punk rock. Also recommended is their eponymous LP from 1985 with nineteen songs. I will close this Input with a review that says all: "This second NOTA EP follows hard on the heels of Moscow. Four of these five songs display the band's trademarks, tight thrash power, choice choruses, and politicized themes. The title track is a slower, melodic number in the SLF mold that shows an expansion of their musical horizons, without stylistic regression. A fine release that would have had more impact if it was released earlier." - Jeff Bale (Maximum Rocknroll #17, September 1984) - Now, if someone asks you 'Do you know N.O.T.A.?' you can answer right now 'Yeah!, fuckin' great band!' - You will find more than one EP in this file so pick it up honey!

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