Sunday, 9 October 2016

BROKEN TOYS - Dirt 1991

Before I waste my time today with ripping some records first a post. The Broken Toys from Boston play bubblegum-based punk rave-ups with so much raw energy and urgency that they vividly recall New York’s finest, the Ramones. Over the past ten years, The Broken Toys have released countless singles and cassettes, appeared on numerous LP and CD compilations and toured Europe no less than five times. Earlier this year, Broken Toys signed with the German label Incognito Records and Dirt, their thirteen-song debut, is crammed with hooky, guitar-driven ditties like “Control Myself,” “Nothing to Do,” and the sarcastic “I’m Aware You’re Perfect” Broken Toys’ melodic sense arid occasional use of harmonies make their best cuts not only infectious, but danceable. Melodic ‘77 Punk rock which sounds sometimes like the Ramones. These guys specialize in rockin’ three-chord punk with memorable choruses and raw performance and production values. Above average; has the added benefit of good energy and loads of sarcastic humor. Have they seen 1990 in Hamburg/Marquee and was thrilled. If you’re into 77 style, get this quick. You can’t go wrong.


  1. Really good stuff, thanks. I'm surprised their first single and cassette have never been blogged before.

  2. Oi! Can you please re up this album? Link is dead. Thanks!!!

  3. Oi! Oi! Thanks s lot my friend!!!!!