Friday, 23 September 2016

V.H. DE STRAKS - Groeten Uit De Vrije Wereld EP 1982

With this record they changed their bandname to V.H. De Straks (formerly DE STRAKS) because of troubles with an anarchist newspaper with the same name. But not only their bandname changed, on their first record they played really raw punk with lyrics against the Dutch queen but on this record they play really melodic and poppy punk with lyrics about how the politicians do everything for their own interest which is nothing new. As a small bonus I pack the Vrij Onverteerd EP within.


  1. So, did the anarchist newspaper complain about the band having the same name? They certainly didn't resort to "legal action" to make the band change the name, did they?

    1. Legal Action certainly no but there was resentment and so the band changed its name, I read somewhere

  2. Thank you very much for this Dutch band.Have a nice weekend:)