Wednesday, 21 September 2016

THE FREEZE - @Frankfurt AU 31.07.2009

Here is short concert video from The Freeze, which I filmed seven years ago @ the AU in Frankfurt, the old but very lively men came again over the big ocean after a long time of abstinence to Germany and start a little tour in 2009.

All I can say to you is that: it is absolutely worth to visit a Freeze gig! about sixty minutes of pure energy & fun. I'm not the greatest reviewer so I try to film a little with my camera (if i'm not drunk, haha) and put this evening in images (not always successful). Here I remember a lot of Pogodancing and it was incredible difficult. But I'm not just there for filming, right? So I think the pic speaks for itself, so enjoy this five song video in twelve minutes and the quality is largely goodB.t.w., Dr. Drunk post their awesome live album Five Way Fury from their 1991 tour, I think through the US, with massive hits. If you love the Cape Cod sound you should get this. They're still alive and that's just as well!

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  1. Brilliant , my friend:Good night and thanks over and over again.