Monday, 25 July 2016

THE BUCKS - Brave & Stupid 1981

Well, I'm finished with re-upps of two Swiss bands so I could post an extra from the alp area now: After the split of Expo (ex-Nasal Boys) the two original members Rams (bass) and Päde (drums) formed the Bucks (inspired by the British female trio The Slits) and after constant touring they released their first record on Disctrade in 1981. Too many negative experiences in connection with the music industry (the band was under contract by Major CBS, who give them the clever name Expo - Nasal Boys was too offensive, haha..) were crucial for the band resolution in 1978. Not necessarily to describe the Bucks as frustration project, but one thing was clear: they wanted to avoid the market-strategic mechanisms and create their own style and the result is awesome punk'n'roll till you drop and their music and lyrics reflect what can be moved or be moving here and today. All in all they have released six albums and the Bucks still exist today!

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  1. Thank you very much for all these new uploads (great memories about Megadeth's post) Have a nice week