Friday, 1 July 2016

STENGTE DØRER - Hver Dag Er En Perfekt Dag 1989

In 1988 the band released their great debut album Sangen Om Vår Vidunderlige Verden on the German label Double A Records and then they went on tour in Germany and Belgium. After the so-called "Blitz-Route" the band recorded their second album "Every Day Is A Perfect Day" which was released again on Double A and includes a printed booklet with lyrics in Norwegian, English and German. I call it a good idea. Stengte Dører is Hardcore/Punk from Oslo, all fourteen songs, similar with their debut record, dominated by fat guitars with slightly metallic elements, an excellent and varied drummer, pretty bass-lines and a singer who express his feelings clearly with a rough and "drunken" voice. An absolute hammer platte and by the way; the production is a little more clearly than on their first vinyl. In 1992 Stengte Dører leave the stage with their last EP "Siste Reis". Farewell!!!

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

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