Wednesday, 27 July 2016

DIE UNBEKANNTEN - s/t 12'' 1982

Now a rare gem from the heart of Europe: Die Unbekannten (The Unknown) were formed in June 1981 by two ex-pat Brits living in Berlin, Mark Reeder & Alistair Gray, for the legendary "Konzert zur Einheit der Nation" (Concert for the Unity of Germany) held in the SO36 club in Kreuzberg on 17th June 1981. They recorded this first successful vinyl shortly afterwards for Elisabeth Recker's Monogam label. This controversial three track sucker also featured their friend Thomas Wydler (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds) on drums. It was a collection of gloomy & politically themed songs, such as the cold-war classics "Radio War", "Casualties" and "Poseidon" (a bi-lingual song in English and German, about the sinking of a Poseidon nuclear submarine). After selling a few thousand copies the record was culled from the shelves. Oh folks.... I need finally my vacation.. Blurrghhh!


  1. Keine Ferien. Arbeiten bis zum Umfallen heisst die Devise, nur so wird die Rente der anderen gesichert

  2. da hast du sooo verdammt recht.... und da sind sie wieder.. meine Probleme... uff!