Saturday, 2 July 2016

CRISIS - @ Surrey University 10.05.1980

So, dear ones. I soon leaving home for my friends to see the German team against Italy later and I have to buy some grill food and Äppler for a nice BBQ. I'm already a little drunk and linger one more bit in bed. Now to Crisis and this is a live recording from their final gig and was transfer via tape, so the recordings are not in CD quality but acceptable. Crisis started out in the late 70s with the rise of the British hardcore punk movement. They were at the forefront of the political take on punk, all of their songs being about the state of the UK and its government and anti Nazism (which will get interesting). They release several singles which all great in my opinion and one album which is rather mediocre. Anyway, here are pure twelve rough goodies showing how great they were. After Crisis, bands Death In June, Sol Invictus and others came from the wreckage.


  1. Ha ha...well...thnxs again for those rareties and if you're still not totally drunk: enjoy the Barbecue (and the night) and Good luck for the Match ; It will probably be a tough match .Cheers

    1. it was in fact, and now I have a damn big hangover...uurrghhhhhhh....