Thursday, 30 June 2016

THE WIRTSCHAFTSWUNDER - Television 7'' 1980

Now a classic ZickZack record from a combo called the Wirtschaftswunder, a band of the "Neue Deutsche Welle" era from the early days and they were founded 1980 in Limburg. Television is their second 7'' and has landed with 'Der Kommissar' (based on a German criminal TV series from the 1960s) a serious hit. The music is a kind of experimental with a wide range of different genres (punk, new wave & and pop). Galizia (Singer) contibuted in a big way to its particular feeling by his furious vocal and odd language. The madly running passages of the mostly punk oriented songs are well balanced with the sounds of the synths, in some parts wind instruments are filtering from the background. In any case: this release is a little part of musical history that has its own character.

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  1. Awesome; thank you so much.Have a nice weekend and good luck for Germany on Saturday.