Sunday, 19 June 2016

NO EXIT - s/t LP 1980

Request time now and I haven't think that it goes so fast with this rare nugget, of course from the Wanted-List, not from me because I don't know this band but here it is. What I know: this record is fuckin' rare as hell, pressed in an edition of fifty copes, self-released by the band and No Exit are from Vancouver and you can read lots of infos about this record on citizenfreak, a Canadian music site with tons of reviews and more. I myself must say that this music is okay, nice low-fi punk with good lyrics but I'm not the type who would pay € 800 or more for this one (seen on discogs). The rip is not mine and partially crappy which can certainly lie by the ripper but for a record like this we don't complain and enjoy the real pure early sound of No Exit. Hope I made your day!

- Big Thx to Drago -


  1. That sleeve sure has hell attracted me...thanks...

  2. Thanks for this! Glad to finally hear it.. I'll have to come up with something in return. Do you still use the 'wilddeamman' email? Cheers, Mark